Top 5 best story downloaders for Instagram in 2020

Nowadays, Instagram is one of the most common social networking platform with above 1 billion monthly active users. Surfing the Instagram feed and watching friend’s story has become a hobby and daily routine for many people including you and me, I believe that. So, have you ever watched someone’s Instagram story and wanted to download it to your phone? Keep it in your gallery for yourself or repost it on your wall? Unlucky, the social network doesn’t support the download or save button, therefore, we need a story downloader for Instagram. Here are some suggestions of Instagram story downloader for you.

Top 5 Instagram story saver app to try in 2020

1.      Story Saver

Developed by Sunrise Tech, a company specializing in free video grabber tools, Story Saver is a great option to save photos and videos from Instagram story, post and IGTV. This application allows downloading photos and videos from Instagram with highest quality as possible. You can save multiple photos and videos at the same time and view immediately saved stories in a bar at the top of home screen with the app. Besides, you can repost the downloaded photos and videos directly by the app. So convenience! Moreover, Story Saver supports multiple Instagram accounts so that you are free to download all you like.


2.      Ins Story repost for Instagram

It is another story downloader app that you should try. The app allows users to save and repost pictures/videos easily and fast with the best quality. With this app, you can make story without 24 hours limited. Here you can repost direct message and has many more features.


3.      StorySave by Liam Cottle

It is a simple app for saving Instagram story. This app can easily save pictures and video into your gallery. This app also let them to repost your Instagram wall. With the app, you can save multiple photos and videos and view immediately saved stories.

 Best Instagram story saver apps Android

4.      Highlight Story Saver For Instagram

This app allows user to save pictures and videos from Instagram highlights and stories. When using this app, you can save all videos, pictures, stories and highlights and can also save profile picture. It provides you gallery view for saved pictures and videos. Besides, there is no see info will be shown when watching stories and highlights. This is another advantage of this app. Moreover, it doesn’t ask user for login with Facebook or Instagram.

 Best Instagram story saver apps Android

5.      Story Saver for Instagram by YOBA

The last story saver app for Instagram I want to mention is Story Saver for Instagram by YOBA. This application supports user download and repost pictures and videos from Instagram stories fast. With the app, you can sign in with either Instagram or Facebook. This app allows users for simply explore, delete and share downloaded stories on Facebook and twitter.

  Best Instagram story saver apps Android

Save photo and videos from Instagram easily and fast

All application mentioned above are given users’ active reviews, so you can completely believe and use one among them to save pictures or videos from Instagram. Hope you like this article.